The company specializes in complete Interior and Exterior painting and decorating, including 'faux' finishes like sponging, rag rolling etc. as well as providing expert advice and consulting on paint quality and color.

There are four prime aspects involved in our work:

Set up: 
Rooms and work areas to be painted or cleaned are scheduled with our clients in advance. Furniture is moved or relocated and covered with plastic as required. Wall and ceiling fixtures are covered or removed. Where necessary, floors are covered with plastic or carton.

Preparation: Walls and ceilings are prepared - holes and cracks filled and sanded smooth in preparation for painting. Woodwork is also prepared.

Painting: Prepared areas are primed. Paint is applied by pad, roller, spray or brush depending on surface. Only premium quality paint is used.

Clean-up: How often have you heard the words "Lady, it's not our job to clean up your home." or mumbles to that effect? Not so with us. The clean-up is as important as the job itself and is part of the service.


If you need any specific help with general household repairs, or perhaps hanging pictures, installing light fittings or ceiling fans after the completion of the paint job, please ask me and if I can assist, I will.


"Other Stuff"

Floors: Cleaning and/or waxing of all types of tiled, marble and ceramic floors.

Upholstery and Carpets: Cleaning of upholstered furniture both large and small, as well as carpets ranging from area rugs to wall-to-wall carpets.

Steam Cleaning: Cleaning of all types of household appliances including stoves/hobs, fridge/freezers, rotating grills, barbeques etc.


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